• Cozy Care, Quality Education.

    We utilize the MSDE approved curriculum Investigators Club, which exposes the children to many domains of learning, including Language, Math, Science, Social Studies and the Arts. Our teachers take advantage of many continuing education opportunities, giving them lots of tools and ideas for their classroom. We exceed the MSDE Office of Child Care requirements for teachers, and all of our teachers hold their Maryland Child Care Credential, most at a level 4 or higher. 

  • Welcome to Grannie Annie’s!

    Grannie Annie’s Child Care & Learning Center has been providing cozy care and quality education for families in Pasadena, MD since 2003. The owners, Ann Golueke (Grannie Annie, herself) and Ruthi Claytor each have more than 22 years of experience caring for children of all ages. At Grannie Annie’s our mission is to create an environment where parents and caregivers work together in the development of our children. We provide every child the opportunity to grow in a safe, loving, healthy, and imaginative atmosphere.

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    Infants & Toddlers

    Infants & Toddlers

    With a class size of only three children in the Bee's Room, we are able to offer each child one-on-one attention from the teacher throughout the day.

    The parents and teachers use a written daily note to communicate important information about the child and his day.

    Our teachers are very knowledgeable in child development and use regular observations of the children to track progress and provide opportunities for growth towards the next milestone.

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    2 Year Olds

    2 Year Olds

    In the Caterpillar Room, the children are working mostly on social and emotional skills. We guide them in learning how to get along in a group, take turns and sharing. We also assist in self help skills like potty training and dressing.

    With lots of sensory activities, fine-motor manipulation and gross-motor play, the children are working on their pre-reading, pre-writing and pre-math skills.

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    3 to 4 Year Olds

    Pre-School / Pre-Kindergarten

    By the time our children leave the Butterfly Room, they are very ready for Kindergarten. Our MSDE approved curriculum, Investigators Club, prepares the children in all of the domains of development: Math, Science, Social Studies, Language and the Arts.

    There are eight units in the curriculum, each very relevant to the children's lives, which are covered during the school year. Our children’s learning continues through the summer with a Camp theme that changes each summer. We also continue the social / emotional development in this classroom to be sure that the children enter Kindergarten ready to learn!

    We also provide transportation to and from the public half-day PreK programs at Riviera Beach, Sunset, and Solley Elementary Schools.

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    5 to 11 Year Olds

    School-Age Care

    We provide Before and After School care for Riviera Beach,  Sunset, and Solley Elementary SchoolsTransportation is provided to and from school. After school, we give the children snack and an opportunity to play for a bit before starting their homework.

    Seasonal activities and arts & crafts are planned for inside play time as well as board games and manipulatives. But if the weather is nice, we just like to be outside after school on our large, shady playground.

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    Summer Camps

    Summer Camps

    Before Kindergarten, our program is year-round. Once the children exit Kindergarten, they are eligible for our Summer Camp program. We do a different theme each summer and we get the kids on the go as much as possible.

    Our local field trips include swimming, bowling, jazzercise, movies, Amazing Athletes, cooking and the park. We do a big field trip every other week during the summer that relates to the theme. For example, we’ve been to the Wolfgang Candy Factory in York PA during our “Around the World” theme, and the Air & Space Museum in Chantilly VA during our “Up, Up and Away” theme. Summer Camp for the School-agers is a full-day, full-summer program.

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  • Our Facility

    Nestled in the quiet Riviera Beach neighborhood, Grannie Annie’s offers a quality education in a setting that feels like home to the children.

    We provide:

    • Child Care Monday through Friday 7:00 am to 5:30 pm
    • Snacks and Beverages
    • Field Trips, both in-house and away from our facility
    • Extra Curricular Opportunities (like Soccer Shots)
  • The Bee's Room

    Where development starts for infants and toddlers. The class size in this room is three children. This allows our team of teachers to give each child in their class one-on-one attention throughout the day to help them tailor make a way for your child to grow and develop.

  • The Caterpillar Room

    "As a mom, you want to feel comfortable, confident and know that your child is safe and going to be well taken care of when you drop them off in daycare. Grannie Annie's makes me feel that way when I leave my daughter with them. They give very good TLC and when I pick her up, I know she will have a smile on her face."

    - Lori K.

  • The Butterfly Room

    "My son was a student in the Butterfly Room for two years and you could not ask for a more loving and helpful staff. The curriculum is age appropriate and the staff instills a love of learning at an early age thru play and hands on activities."

    - Meg B.

  • Our Staff

    Grannie Annie’s has a great team of teachers, some of whom have been with the Center for more than 9 years. By always striving to educate ourselves with new ideas and techniques, we are well equipped to prepare our children for school.

    Our teachers strive for partnerships with the families through open communication so that we can all work together for our children.

  • Our Playground

    Tall trees offer much shade on our roomy playground. There are many opportunities for the children to run, climb, kick, pedal and dig their way to healthy bodies and minds.

    In the summer, we do lots of water exploration and cool off in the sprinkler. In the winter, we don our hats and boots and head out into the snow. Our picnic tables are the perfect place to eat snack or lunch outside on perfect spring and fall days.

  • "To describe the environment at Grannie Annies I use the words: family, friendly, academic, structured, dedicated, and safe."

    - Cherie C.

  • “My son attends summer camp at Grannie Annie’s Child Care and I am very pleased with the quality of care he receives from the camp staff!"

    - Colleen J.

  • "Over the years, I have grown to love the staff here at Grannie Annies. They are more than our child care providers, they are our friends, and they are family!"

    - Cherie C.

  • "The kids leave at the end of summer with lasting friendships, and the staff has the op- portunity to really get to know and interact with each child.”

    - Colleen J.

  • "I would recommend Grannie Annie's to anyone looking for daycare. In fact, I still thank the lady that recommended Grannie Annie's to me 4 years ago!"

    - Lori K.

  • "Grannie Annie’s has provided my daughters with a solid core fundamental academic foundation. They help build confidence and promote leadership in both of our children."

    - Cherie C.

  • "It seems like just yesterday when we came to Grannie Annies with Dakota and had such a hard time leaving her in the care of others. We quickly found out that the individuals caring for her throughout the day are a rare group of people."

    - Cherie C.

  • "I have sent two of my daughters to Grannie Annie's. Both of them loved going each day."

    - Rebekah P.

  • "The center has a large, shaded playground and the kids are given several opportunities throughout the day to play outside. In addition to outdoor play, the children participate in activities such as bowling, roller skating, yoga, swimming at the aquatic center, and trips to the movies."

    - Colleen J.

  • "Grannie Annie's is a daycare center with a homecare feel."

    - Meg B.

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Located in a residential neighborhood, Grannie Annie’s boasts a shady playground with almost a half acre of space for the children to play. The classrooms are cozy and inviting, making the children feel at home while they are getting a quality education.

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Pasadena, MD 21122

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